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Service and Communication A++

“It’s been such a pleasure working with and I just could go on and on about their superior communication and transparency. To say the least, I will definitely recommend them to anyone wanting a more pro-active credit repair service and is suffering from negative items. Thanks for all you guys have done for me!“

- By Jacob Z., Key West, FL

Worth every penny!

“My Personal Account Manager was the best! So friendly, honest, and responsive every time we called his line directly. He helped me better understand my report while simultaneously helping resolve my credit issues. My husband and I were off the program in 2 months with an average increase of 56 points across all 3 bureaus. Keep up the great work guys“

- By Amber M., Detroit, MI

Service and Knowledge of Staff is Outstanding!

“It’s been such a pleasure working with They have successfully removed over 67% of negative items off of my credit report and have provided me with all the tools to help sustain my credit outstanding credit score. It is worth the time and the money to use this service.“

- By Barbara C., Albany, NY

Signing up was the best decisions I’ve made!

“I was a little skeptical about credit repair until I finally decided to give it a try because I was in a slump. It’s been 2 months I’ve been working with their helpful staff and I’ve already been getting my life back on track and I’m only a few points away from getting approved for a condo.“

- By Thomas S., Jacksonville, FL

Highly recommend it to anyone suffering with negative items

“I would advise everyone who is suffering from low scores or negative items on your report to get help from Pyramid Credit Repair. I couldn’t have done it myself…so, thank you guys.“

- By Scott K., Berkeley, CA