Toyota Settles for $60 Million Over Alleged Lending Misconduct and Damaged Credit Reports

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Toyota Settles for  Million Over Alleged Lending Misconduct and Damaged Credit Reports

Toyota, a globally renowned automotive company, has recently come under scrutiny for alleged lending misconduct, resulting in a substantial settlement of $60 million. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has ordered Toyota’s credit arm to pay this fine for tricking customers into unnecessary products that were difficult to cancel. The agency stated that thousands of borrowers complained about Toyota Motor Credit employees adding extra products to their loans, resulting in fees for the company at the expense of consumers. Additionally, it was reported that Toyota made it unreasonably hard for consumers to cancel these services.

The CFPB settlement requires Toyota Motor Credit to pay $32 million to consumers who did not receive owed refunds, $9.9 million to consumers who faced challenges canceling their policies, $6 million to consumers harmed by false information provided to credit reporting agencies, and $52,000 to those who received inaccurate refunds. Furthermore, Toyota’s finance arm will pay a $12 million penalty to the CFPB’s victim relief fund.

In response to the allegations, Toyota Motor Credit has not admitted any wrongdoing but will implement crucial changes. These changes include simplifying the process of canceling unwanted bundles, ensuring transparency and fairness for customers. The company also aims to enhance oversight of dealership conduct to prevent similar issues from occurring in the future.

The unnecessary products mentioned in the case include Guaranteed Asset Protection, Credit Life and Accidental Health coverage, and vehicle service agreements. These products averaged $700 to $2,500 per loan. Toyota Motor Credit will be required to make it easy for consumers to cancel unwanted coverage, provide clear information on cancellation options, and monitor dealers to prevent the addition of products to customer loans without consent. The company will also be prohibited from tying employee compensation or performance metrics to consumer retention of bundled products.

Moreover, the CFPB revealed that Toyota Motor Credit knowingly provided false information to credit ratings agencies, which negatively impacted customers’ credit scores. The agency reported instances where Toyota Motor Credit misled reporting companies by stating that consumers were missing payments when, in reality, they had returned the leased vehicles.

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The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s action emphasizes the significance of rectifying the negative impact on affected consumers and holds Toyota accountable for their alleged lending misconduct.

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