Jack Woerner personal finance expert for Pyramid Credit Repair

Jack Woerner

Certified Personal Finance Consultant


  • Certified financial coach with expertise in economics and personal finance.
  • Six years of experience as a finance and economics high school teacher.
  • Runs a financial coaching and consulting business catering to diverse financial needs.
  • Recognized Ramsey Solutions Certified Financial Coach.
  • Strong advocate for financial literacy aiming for individual financial freedom.


Jack Woerner began his journey in the world of finance and economics as a high school teacher, where for six years he passionately educated young minds on the fundamentals of the subject. His devotion to financial literacy and his innate skills led him to transition from teaching to establishing his financial coaching and consulting business.

In his venture, Jack has done it all, from guiding young couples to maintain their budgets to crafting specialized financial content for various companies. His certifications in economic education fields and his recognition as a Ramsey Solutions Certified Financial Coach attest to his depth of knowledge and dedication to the field.

Jack believes in a holistic approach to finance. While he is a personal finance expert professionally, he sees the interconnectedness of financial well-being with physical fitness and the serenity of the great outdoors. This unique perspective allows him to offer nuanced advice and insights to his clients and readers.

He highly recommends “Psychology of Money” by Morgan Housel, echoing the book’s sentiment that while our financial decisions might appear erratic on the surface, there’s a deeper logic and understanding to every choice we make. Through Pyramid Credit Repair, Jack hopes to share his insights and empower readers to achieve their financial dreams.

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