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From the moment Pyramid Credit Repair was founded, we’ve aspired to be your most reliable source for insights not just in credit repair, but also in financial matters, financial literacy, and debt management. Our multidisciplinary team of reporters and editors brings a depth of experience and expertise that sets us apart, ensuring you receive news and advice you can genuinely trust.

But we don’t stop at merely producing content; we’re committed to quality at every turn. We understand how vital accurate and relevant information is, especially when navigating the complexities of today’s financial landscape. That’s why we’ve taken the extra step to establish our Financial Review Board. This handpicked panel of industry specialists rigorously reviews our content to provide an additional layer of trust and authority.


Pyramid reporters and editors


Nationally recognized Credit Expert and Personal Finance Specialist with over 12 years of experience, currently with Pyramid Credit Repair, is dedicated to helping individuals repair their credit and gain financial management expertise.

Our editorial integrity

Pyramid Credit Repair adheres to a rigorous editorial policy that places your interests at the forefront. Our distinguished team of editors and reporters crafts content that is both honest and precise, aimed at empowering you to make well-informed financial choices.

Core Principles

Earning your trust is our primary goal. We are committed to delivering reliable and impartial information to our readers. To achieve this, we’ve established stringent editorial guidelines. Our team of editors and reporters diligently fact-checks all content for accuracy. Moreover, we maintain a clear separation between our advertisers and our editorial staff to avoid conflicts of interest. Rest assured, our editorial team is not directly compensated by our advertising partners.

Editorial Independence

The Pyramid Credit Repair editorial team represents your interests as a reader. Our mission is to deliver top-notch advice to empower you in making intelligent choices regarding your personal finances. We maintain stringent guidelines to safeguard our editorial content from advertiser influence. Every piece of information undergoes rigorous fact-checking to guarantee its precision. Whether you’re perusing an article or a review, rest assured that you can rely on the credibility and trustworthiness of the information we provide.


Meet our Expert Contributors

Beyond our dedicated team of reporters and editors, Pyramid Credit Repair collaborates with a vast network of personal finance contributors. These individuals utilize their connections and subject matter expertise to enhance the depth and authority of our coverage. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality because we understand the importance of accurate and relevant information, especially in navigating today’s complex financial landscape.

Pyramid contributors

Bradley Hall Personal Finance Expert
Enrolled Agent & Holistic Financial Strategist

Bradley Hall, an accomplished personal finance expert with over nine years of experience, specializes in tax planning, investment strategies, and debt management. An enrolled agent, Bradley represents clients before the IRS and is a dedicated advocate for financial literacy.

Michael Bernardo Personal Finance Expert
Financial Services Consultant

Dr. Michael Bernardo, with 30 years in finance and a PhD in Business Management, brings vast expertise in risk, compliance, and financial consulting to Pyramid Credit Repair, enhancing its value through his multifaceted knowledge and experience in the financial services sector.

Ryan Harrington Personal Finance Expert
Financial & Portfolio Management Expert

Ryan Harrington, with seven years of financial expertise and managing $100M in assets, significantly enriches Pyramid Credit Repair. A dedicated advocate for financial literacy, he blends experience and education to assist in navigating financial landscapes.

Shanna Mathews Mendez Personal Finance Expert
Financial Writer & Banking Expert

Shanna Mathews Mendez enhances Pyramid Credit Repair with her extensive financial knowledge in banking, real estate, and lending. With degrees in English and Comparative Literature, she offers depth in demystifying complex financial concepts, proving a valuable asset to the team.

Jeff Hindenach Personal Finance Expert
Expert Financial Writer

With a rich background in financial journalism for notable publications and as the co-founder of Simple. Thrifty. Living., Jeff Hindenach brings invaluable insights into credit and personal finance, advocating for educational initiatives to empower debt-free living.

Cathy Brophy Personal Finance Expert
Financial Navigator & Publisher

Cathy Brophy, a seasoned publisher and entrepreneur, brings a wealth of financial management knowledge. Her hands-on experience in navigating financial challenges and fostering business growth is a valuable asset to Pyramid Credit Repair.

Hayden Goldberg Personal Financial Expert
Real Estate Investor & Financial Writer

Financial specialist Hayden Goldberg offers a blend of business development experience and real estate acumen. With over eight years in the field, she excels in translating complex financial concepts into relatable content, enhancing Pyramid Credit Repair’s platform with her profound insights.

Sarah Henderson Personal Financial Expert
Accounting Strategist & Journalist

Sarah Henderson melds journalism’s storytelling prowess with a deep understanding of accounting intricacies. Her decade-long expertise, commitment to financial literacy, and ability to simplify complex financial processes adds immense value to Pyramid Credit Repair.

Jack Woerner personal finance expert for Pyramid Credit Repair
Certified Personal Finance Consultant

Jack Woerner, a Certified Personal Finance Consultant, combines teaching experience with financial coaching expertise. At Pyramid Credit Repair, he champions financial literacy, weaving in fitness and nature insights to offer a fresh perspective on money management.

Jennifer Chiongbian Personal Finance Expert
Real Estate Expert

Jennifer Chiongbian, blending 20+ years in real estate with a journalism degree, offers a unique lens on property and finance. Her expertise at Pyramid Credit Repair equips readers with invaluable insights, bridging the gap between real estate nuances and financial literacy.


Keeping your credit repair journey in mind

At Pyramid, we understand your financial queries and are dedicated to helping you navigate your financial journey. With a legacy spanning over four decades, our experts have empowered individuals like you to achieve financial mastery.

Our commitment is to offer consumers expert guidance and essential tools, enabling them to thrive throughout life’s financial challenges. We prioritize transparency by elucidating our revenue model, ensuring you understand how we sustain the delivery of high-quality content, competitive resources, and valuable insights.

Pyramid is an independent platform, prioritizing the interests of our users. We are not an advertising-driven publisher or a comparison service. While we remain impartial in our content and recommendations, it’s worth noting that, on occasion, we may receive compensation for featuring sponsored products or services. Please be aware that such compensation could influence the positioning of these products and services on our site, affecting their placement within listing categories.

It’s essential to remember that several factors, including our own internal guidelines and the availability of products or services in your region, as well as your self-selected credit score range, may also influence the presentation and order of products on our platform. While our goal is to provide a comprehensive array of options, please understand that we might not cover every financial or credit product or service available in the market

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