Michael Bernardo Personal Finance Expert

Michael Bernardo

Finance Professor & Veteran Financial Services Consultant


  • Embodies nearly three decades of comprehensive experience in financial services, spanning across risk, compliance, sales, supervision, and operations.
  • Accomplished academic, holding an MBA in Accounting and a PhD in Business Management with a concentration in Finance.
  • Utilizes extensive knowledge as an Adjunct Professor, instructing in personal finance, financial management, and general business.
  • Published author and researcher on the impact of news on individual stocks, contributing to the academic and practical understanding of finance.
  • Skilled Commercial Pilot and Certified Flight Instructor, balancing professional insights with a passion for aviation.


Dr. Michael Bernardo brings a wealth of experience and academic excellence to the financial sphere. His journey began in 1995 at a large brokerage firm, laying the groundwork for a diverse and extensive career in the financial sector. Michael has held numerous roles in various banks, brokerages, and consulting firms, specializing in regulatory consulting to help firms remediate issues and improve processes for achieving customer financial goals.

A lifelong learner, Michael earned his MBA in Accounting from the University of Phoenix and later pursued a PhD in Business Management, specializing in Finance. His groundbreaking dissertation on the impact of news on individual stocks has been published in several papers, and he has presented his findings at various conferences, enriching the financial community’s understanding.

In addition to his consulting work, Michael imparts his knowledge to the next generation of financial professionals as an Adjunct Professor at two universities. He teaches a range of courses, from personal finance to financial management, sharing his insights and practical experience with students online.

On a personal note, Michael finds joy in aviation, being a Commercial Pilot and Certified Flight Instructor. He practices aerobatics and flies helicopters, embodying a harmonious balance between his professional endeavors and personal passions.

Dr. Michael Bernardo is eager to contribute his extensive knowledge, practical experience, and academic insights to Pyramid Credit Repair. His multifaceted background and dedication to education make him an invaluable asset to the team.

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