Ryan Harrington Personal Finance Expert

Ryan Harrington

Financial Strategist and Portfolio Management Expert


  • Brings over seven years of in-depth experience in various facets of financial management, including investment strategies, risk assessment, and financial planning.
  • Holds the role of Portfolio Manager with over 100M in assets under management.
  • Dedicated advocate for financial literacy, conducting numerous educational seminars.
  • Passionate about exploring the parallels between nature’s patterns and financial markets, valuing adaptability and resilience.


Ryan Harrington, an adept financial professional, is renowned for his dedication to helping both individuals and businesses navigate the complexities of finance. With a solid foundation backed by a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a wealth of industry experience, Ryan has sharpened his expertise in numerous financial disciplines.

Serving as a Portfolio Manager overseeing substantial assets, Ryan has worked closely with a diverse range of clients. He is committed to delivering tailored financial strategies, enabling individuals and businesses to achieve sustainable growth and secure their financial futures. His approach goes above and beyond traditional advisory roles, reflecting a genuine concern for the well-being of his clients.

Outside his primary role, Ryan is a staunch advocate for financial literacy. He believes in empowering people through knowledge, conducting a plethora of seminars focusing on essential financial skills such as budgeting, saving, and investing. Witnessing the transformative impact of these educational initiatives on people’s lives has been a source of immense gratification for him.

Ryan’s love for the outdoors offers him a unique perspective, finding solace and inspiration in the pristine wilderness of the United States. These adventures serve as contemplative moments, drawing parallels between the rhythms of nature and the dynamics of financial markets, and reinforcing the significance of adaptability and resilience.

Ryan looks forward to his continuing journey with Pyramid Credit Repair, contributing valuable insights and making a meaningful difference in the financial world. His commitment to enhancing financial literacy and his holistic approach to financial management underscore his position as a valued member of the Pyramid Credit Repair team.

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