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Your credit is an integral part of your adult life. It dictates major areas of your being, affecting your choices and opportunities in many surprising ways. Despite having a financial nature, your credit can also be a significant contributor to your health and general well-being when things do not go the route you desire.
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Median Medical Debt in Collections
$ 0

in comparison to the National average of $703

Credit Data from February 2022**

Student Loan Debt in Default
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in comparison to the National average of $10,940

Credit Data from February 2022*

Auto/Retail Loan Delinquency Rate
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in comparison to the National average of 4%

Credit Data from February 2022*

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Bronze Plan

Our Basic Plan is the perfect starting point for those who are new to credit repair
$ 89
  • 3 Bureau Challenges/Disputes
  • Online Tracking Portal
  • Monthly Progress Reports
  • Score Analysis

Gold Plan

Our Advanced Plan is ideal for those who want to take their credit repair to the next level
$ 129
  • All features in the Bronze Plan, plus (+)
  • Creditor Negotiations
  • Dispute Inquiries
  • Debt Validation
  • Credit Score Tracking

Platinum Plan

Our Premium Plan is the ultimate credit repair solution
$ 179
  • All features in the Gold Plan, plus (+)
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Debt Management Plan
  • Personalized Credit Advice
  • Credit Building Resources

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3-bureau Credit Reports & Scores

Many credit repair companies start by requesting a copy of your credit report from each of the three major consumer credit bureaus (all three) — Equifax, Experian and TransUnion – before they can start. You either pay for them, or they charge you for them.

Credit Consultation

Professional Credit Analyst who will review your reports with you and help identify the negative items hurting the overall health of your reports.

Assurance Or Money-back Guarantee Policy

As a credit repair company, we have an obligation to ensure that we can help you, prior to starting work – hence why it’s important to have the right to request for a refund if that’s the only other option.


A stellar reputation in our industry means lower costs and a clear mission, vision and philosophy. Customers are the best local advocates to help you get a more realistic picture of which credit repair companies stand out from the crowd.

Honest Pricing, No Surprises

Often companies will charge “initial audit” or “discovery” fees. Sometimes, even “cancellation” fees.

Common Questions About Credit and Credit Repair

Contrary to popular belief, it does not have a life of its own without your control over the matters. Your actions arrange a direction for your financial affairs, providing prospective lenders with a base upon which they decide if your creditworthiness is substantial for a loan extension.
San Jose has an average of a powerful 730 credit score. While a paradise for some, the city’s median home cost is twice as high as that of the state of California. Averaging around $1,003,100, the cost of living has a tremendous impact on the local population, including their finances, healthcare, and credit affairs.
Pyramid Credit Repair is dedicated to consumer education, above all else. Without the crucial knowledge, no credit repair attempts can be successful in the long run. We designed a list of all the ways your credit score affects your life.
Aside from your typical mortgage, leasing an apartment may also be determined by your credit history. While accessing your credit score by landlords or property managers is unlawful, they are entitled to reviewing your credit report before signing a lease agreement. A long pattern of missed payments may indicate your inability to pay rent on time, resulting in disqualifying you as a potential tenant.
Consumers with imperfect credit may still have the option to live in the desired complex or house but may be required to put up a larger security deposit or use a cosigner.
The application process for a mortgage includes evaluating your credit reports from all three credit bureaus, Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian. Because buying a house is a significant undertaking involving a larger loan than when purchasing a vehicle or acquiring student loans, the modus operandi is much more intricate and thorough.
The credit score plays a significant part in the approval process, but it may vary in regards to lender, loan type, or the housing-credit market. Not only does a higher credit score provide better chances of mortgage approval, but it also grants you a more favorable interest rate offer. And your interest rates can severely impact your ability to afford a mortgage and change the course of your future financial stability.
While you can buy a vehicle with a low credit score, chances are the auto loan rates available to you may disagree with your finances. An excellent credit score provides opportunities in that department and allows you to qualify for the best loan terms on the market.
Lower credit scores go hand in hand with higher interest rates, making a massive difference in your monthly installments, the length of the loan, and the ability to afford a car. After adding interest to a vehicle’s cost, the total amount may be shockingly high, often doubling the price of a car’s value.

Checking your credit report is often part of the hiring process. Potential employers require your written consent before obtaining your credit files for a thorough review. Still, significant delinquencies or court affairs can have an impact on your ability to get a job or even maintain your position. This is especially true when you apply for a high-security job when clearance is needed, and handling of large sums of money is involved.

It may seem like a no-brainer, but the same rule applies during credit card inquiry. The card issuer takes your credit report and your credit score into consideration before extending you a credit line. While you may still receive a credit card you apply for, the odds are that a low credit score will impact your interest rates the similar way we have seen in the above examples.
An excellent credit score will allow you to get the best terms, higher credit limits, and various offers, perks, and rewards that come with the type of credit card you get. Typically, to get the best bonuses and the lowest APRs, you need to have one of the highest credit scores.
Pyramid Credit Repair works on a case-by-case basis, which means we take each credit situation individually, designing a personalized game plan to achieve the best possible solutions. We are driven by honesty and legitimacy, working closely with you and our team of experts available 24/7 to ensure all of your questions are answered and your doubts clarified. We offer a free initial consultation to establish whether we can help you and verify we are the right fit for your individual needs.
Pyramid Credit Repair has been improving credit scores for over ten years, landing in the industry’s top ten best credit repair organizations. We patented an analytical approach backed by scientific research to raise your credibility in the eyes of a lender. Our knowledgeable staff plays by the rules set forth by the FTC and FCRA, allowing you to regain your financial confidence in the most genuine way. We dispute inaccuracies on your credit report, monitor all activity, and provide tips that will enable you to manage your credit affairs effortlessly in the near future.

The length of time it takes for Pyramid Credit Repair to improve your credit score depends on the complexity of your credit situation, the number of inaccurate items on your credit report, and the responsiveness of the credit bureaus and creditors. In general, it can take several months to see significant improvements in your credit score. However, Pyramid Credit Repair will work diligently to address all of the issues on your credit report and dispute any inaccuracies to improve your score as quickly as possible. They will also provide you with tips and guidance on how to manage your credit responsibly in the future to maintain a good credit score.

Empower Your Credit, Empower Your Life

Take control of your financial future and unlock your full potential with our proven credit repair solutions.

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