Jennifer Chiongbian Personal Finance Expert

Jennifer Chiongbian

Real Estate Expert


  • Extensive 20+ years in real estate and appraisal with firsthand knowledge of New York’s dynamic market.
  • Journalism Degree holder with Phi Beta Kappa honors from the College of Southern Nevada.
  • Proven entrepreneurial prowess, bringing ideas to life and transforming them into successful ventures.
  • Masters in Criminal Justice and Law, adding depth to her analytical and research capabilities.
  • Winner of Robinhood Brokerage’s “National Freelancers Day” writing contest, a testament to her writing skills.


Jennifer Chiongbian isn’t just a real estate aficionado; she’s an industry veteran with over two decades of experience in real estate and appraisal. Her active licenses in New York bear testimony to her extensive knowledge and expertise in one of the world’s most challenging real estate markets.

Marrying her real-world real estate expertise with her Journalism Degree, Jennifer has carved a niche as a freelance real estate ghostwriter. Her content isn’t just compelling; it’s infused with the kind of authenticity and depth that only someone with her background can offer. From appraisers and estate attorneys to debt consolidation firms and real estate auction companies, her diverse clientele speaks volumes about her versatility and adaptability.

Outside her professional pursuits, Jennifer’s rich tapestry of experiences include being a retired pastry chef from the Culinary Institute of America and an active scuba diver. Her multilingual capabilities, thanks to living in multiple countries, give her a global perspective that few possess. However, it’s not all about work for Jennifer. Her passion extends to animal advocacy, a cause she deeply resonates with, and her volunteer work at the Denver Downtown Aquarium showcases her commitment to marine life.

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