Sarah Henderson Personal Financial Expert

Sarah Henderson

Accounting Strategist & Financial Journalist


  • Successfully transitioned from a vibrant journalism career to the meticulous world of accounting.
  • Key contributor to major news events, exemplifying her dedication and pursuit of truth.
  • Deep expertise in financial reporting, treasury management, payroll, and technical accounting research.
  • Strong advocate for financial literacy, focusing on making intricate financial matters accessible to all.
  • Combines a bachelor’s in journalism with a minor in economics to provide unique, comprehensive insights.
  • Passionate about the arts and nature, drawing inspiration from her surroundings in the Southwest.


Sarah Henderson’s journey from the bustling newsrooms of The Oregonian to the precision-driven domain of accounting is a tale of passion and adaptability. With a robust 15-year journalism background, Sarah covered significant events like 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina, attesting to her dedication to truth and detail.

Holding a degree from the University of Oregon, her minor in economics hinted at an underlying fascination that would later blossom into a career in accounting. Over a decade in this field has seen Sarah work with a range of companies – from private entities to public corporations and nonprofits. Her expertise encompasses diverse aspects like treasury management, financial reporting, policy development, and much more. With a special knack for demystifying complex financial topics, Sarah strives to make financial literacy an accessible goal for everyone.

Beyond her professional achievements, Sarah’s personal interests paint a vivid picture. Whether it’s crafting a garden amidst a desert or being captivated by Southwestern sunsets, her connection to nature is profound. An aficionado of the arts, Sarah also explores paddleboarding and painting, reflecting her diverse passions.

In essence, Sarah Henderson seamlessly blends her love for words and numbers, making her a unique voice in the financial realm. Her commitment to financial education and her rich tapestry of experiences position her as an invaluable contributor in the world of personal finance.

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