Travis Kelce’s Appreciation Lies in an Impeccable Credit Score, Not Just Touchdowns

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Kelce has been selected as the spokesperson for a new debit card in an advertising campaign that premiered during Sunday night’s football game.

Travis Kelce Perfect Credit Score
<strong>American football tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League Travis Kelce arrives at the Los Angeles Premiere Of Netflixs Quarterback Season 1 held at the Netflix Tudum Theater on July 11 2023 in Hollywood Los Angeles California United States Photo by Xavier CollinImage Press Agency<strong>

Autumn may have been slow to arrive this year, but the NFL season is finally in full swing. Sunday and Monday nights are now dedicated to thrilling gridiron action and cheering for our favorite teams.

However, if you’re a fan, have you considered setting a budget for the season? As prices continue to rise, it’s important to ensure that your style and enjoyment aren’t compromised.

According to a recent survey conducted by Experian, football enthusiasts are projected to allocate an average of $743 towards their beloved sport this season. Interestingly, nearly one-third of respondents anticipate spending less in comparison to the previous year due to the impact of inflation. This data highlights the financial considerations and expectations of passionate football fans.

Experian initiated the August survey as a component of a marketing campaign showcasing Travis Kelce, the talented tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs. Kelce garnered significant attention when news surfaced about his association with Taylor Swift. Collaborating with Kelce, the credit bureau aims to promote the latest advancement of its Experian Boost product—an innovative debit card and digital checking account. This new offering provides individuals with credit score benefits for making timely payments on their rent and utility bills.

Based on the survey, it was found that 66% of respondents are inclined to watch games from the comfort of their homes rather than attending in person. Furthermore, 30% expressed their intention to opt for more affordable seating options, while 26% indicated a decrease in ticket purchases. The average cost of an NFL ticket is $151 according to SeatGeek. Additionally, 17% of participants mentioned a reduction in tailgating activities, or a complete avoidance of it.

“As a football enthusiast, I comprehend that spending such an amount of money is relatively effortless when attending a live football match. With expenses encompassing tickets, parking, and food, the costs can quickly accumulate,” expressed Christina Roman, an avid Las Vegas Raiders supporter and Experian’s Manager of Consumer Education and Advocacy. “Even if you choose to watch your favorite football games from the comfort of your own home, streaming services or cable subscriptions are often necessary. Additionally, if you decide to host a gathering, the expenses further extend to include food and beverages.”

During the Chiefs game against the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium on Sunday, Kelce’s first Experian TV commercials were aired. It was in this game that Swift was spotted attending.

In the advertisement, a fan encounters Kelce, the football star, as he heads to the locker room. The fan, in awe, proceeds to list Kelce’s remarkable achievements, including his two Super Bowl rings. However, it becomes evident that Kelce also recognizes the fan, as he acknowledges the fan’s impeccable payment history and absence of debt. “I hold you in high regard, my friend,” Kelce expresses to the fan.

Experian’s Kelce commercials are scheduled to air during both NFL and college football games this fall.

“We aim to engage with individuals and initiate conversations about finance,” Roman explained. “While not everyone may be inclined to discuss financial matters, they are often eager to share their passion for their favorite football team.”

Although the current U.S. inflation rate is significantly lower than last year’s peak, prices continue to rise at a faster-than-average pace. The cumulative impact of the past two years has become overwhelming. From reducing our grocery shopping list to scaling back travel plans, increasing our debt burden, and feeling the pinch at the gas pump, many households are grappling with these challenges.

According to Experian’s survey, a mere 14% of respondents believe that inflation will have no impact on their football spending plans this season. Interestingly, more than two-thirds of participants stated that they would rather cut expenses in other areas to allocate more money for football. Additionally, 21% admitted that they anticipated “overspending” on football during this year.

Turning to debt burdens, which Experian Boost customers can avoid while still building their credit history, NFL fans provided some intriguing responses to hypothetical scenarios in a separate Experian survey. Astonishingly, 20% of fans claimed they would willingly incur more than $5,000 of debt if it meant their team would win a championship this season. Equally remarkable, 14% of fans indicated they would prioritize their team winning a championship over eliminating all of their debts.